Avamar Property Management exists to remove the stress and anxiety from short term rental ownership. As we like to say, your investment should be doing the work for you, not the other way around.

After years of managing our own properties, we established a set of processes and procedures that made our lives easier and our guests’ experiences more pleasant. We picked up on common questions that guests tended to ask and/or problems they would run into, and we learned to provide answers and solutions ahead of time. We determined when and how it was appropriate to leverage technology and when it was better to opt for a more direct, human approach.

We began to enjoy the process rather than dread it, and we gained satisfaction as the five-star reviews began rolling in.

Our motto – More guests. Less Stress. – is based on the aspirations we find common among all vacation rental owners. More guests come from effective marketing, engaging photographs, appropriate pricing and, perhaps most importantly, guest experiences that are second-to-none. Less stress means knowing that your guests and your property are taken care of by a trusted, local provider who takes a direct, hands-on approach to managing your property.


Co-Founder | CEO

Doak Embrey is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for technology and innovation. With a background in real estate and sales development and a knack for identifying market trends, he has successfully founded and led multiple startups, driving impactful solutions in the ever-evolving real estate and tech landscape.


Co-founder | CFO

Graham received both his bachelor's degree and MBA from UT Austin. His professional background is a mix of commercial real estate and marketing for technology companies.  He has a passion for both perfecting processes through the application of technology and for leveraging language to impact a target market.


Design Specialist

Our creative virtuoso, brings a touch of elegance and innovation to the Avamar team as our Design Specialist. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for creating spaces that resonate, Scarlett plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every property under Avamar's management is not just a place to stay but a visual masterpiece.


Design Specialist

The creative force behind Avamar Property Management's design team, infuses every space with her signature blend of sophistication and comfort. With an innate ability to transform properties into inviting havens, Susanne ensures that each Avamar-managed space is a visual delight and a testament to timeless design.

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