Property Management

Expertise Rooted in Local Insight

When you choose to collaborate with Avamar, you're forming a partnership with our founders – accomplished property owners, hands-on managers, and seasoned experts in the vacation rental industry.

For new investors entering the vacation rental ownership arena, we offer valuable connections with local real estate professionals and insurance experts, in addition to our turn-key curation services.

Guests who stay at Avamar properties will enjoy the benefits of our profound local knowledge. This knowledge is shared through blog posts, social media updates, and personalized communication, ensuring a rich experience from their initial inquiry to the moment they check out.

Client Empowerment + Guest Satisfaction

At Avamar, we firmly believe that property owners who invest in real estate can truly enjoy the best of all worlds - a steady source of passive income, the freedom to pursue your personal interests, and the assurance that your property is in capable hands. We're dedicated to the idea that your investment should be the one doing the work for you, not the other way around.

Our expert team takes care of every aspect, from managing bookings to overseeing cleaning and repairs. We provide you with shared access to your property's booking calendar and offer regular summaries of booking activity. In addition, we meticulously monitor property revenue and occupancy trends.

Furthermore, we craft personalized house manuals and comprehensive turnover guides for your property, ensuring that each guest experiences a consistently clean and perfectly presented stay. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Balancing Automation and Guest-Centric Hospitality

Many property management companies today tend to lean too heavily on automation, inadvertently compromising their commitment to guest-centric service. They sometimes forget that vacation rental hosting is fundamentally a hospitality business, with the guest experience at its core.

At Avamar, we take a different approach. We prioritize building genuine relationships with our guests through personal, authentic communication rather than relying on automated responses. Our strategy has consistently led to an increase in repeat guests, improved reviews, and higher returns for property owners. Additionally, it serves as an extra layer of security to safeguard your valuable assets.

But does Avamar completely steer clear of automation tools? Certainly not. We leverage automation intelligently to enhance our operations. Feel free to inquire about our systems for scheduling cleaning, trust accounting and bookkeeping, and managing inventory and maintenance effectively.

Optimized Returns through Proactive Management

At Avamar, we prioritize demand-based pricing to achieve maximum occupancy while securing the highest nightly rates for your property. Unlike many of our competitors, we steer clear of the "set it and forget it" approach. Instead of static pricing, we implement a dynamic strategy meticulously customized to your specific property. This strategy draws upon our extensive market research and real-time trends.

Our proactive property management style grants you peace of mind, assuring that we are tirelessly dedicated to securing the highest possible return on your investment.

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